We love sharing your feedback about our CBD and hemp products from our customers because there is nothing better then happy customers.


Sally, North London

“I have been using the lavender CBD balm for my shoulder and for the last 2 weeks it has really helped and soothed my pain. I would defiantly recommend it because it has worked wonders!!!!”


Steve, Cheshunt

“I suffer from anxiety and trouble sleeping, I have been using the 10% BioSante oil and it has really helped relax me.”


Mr Johnson, Sheffield

“Great oils and fantastic customer service. Anytime I email the biosante customer service team, they get back to me straight away and they do their best to help me with my questions.”


James, South London

“The 10% oil has been super for my nerves. I am so glad one of my close friends recommended Biosanate”


George, Essex

“I have been struggling to sleep and relax for the last 3 months, the cbd oil and balm have really helped me relax and chill out in the evening. I take 2-3 drops of the oil every night and it has made a huge difference.”


Sofia, London

“Very satisfied with the Lavender balm,  for a while now I have had muscle pain due to my training. It has been a major struggle for me but since using the balm my back muscles have been in less pain and I have been able to practice a lot more. Very happy my friend recommended it to me and I would also recommend it to everyone.”


Lorraine, Docklands

“Recently I was ill and suffered with aches and pains all over. A friend bought me the balm and it really helped sooth me”


Chris, North London

“I’m not a product guy whatsoever, but I began using BioSante beard oil in an effort to ‘tame’ my beard during lockdown. Since I have been using it my beard is more manageable, fuller and aesthetically more appealing. I now use it daily after every shower, and best of all it helps moisturise the skin under my beard so there is no need to use two different products”


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