Does CBD Beard oil work?

With thousands of CBD and non-CBD products promising anything from stimulating growth to making your beard look fuller, this creates a hard choice to choose what the best product to buy is. The real question is, what beard issues am I struggling with and what do I want from a product. Generally speaking, CBD beard oils can help with one or if not all of the below issues:

          Stimulate hair follicles to encourage growth

          Moisturise the skin under the hair

          Reduce beard itch

          Soften the hair

          Add shine

Choose the right quality and ingredients

Before choosing the right beard oil it is best to understand that not all beard oils are equal. All are a different quality and have a different concentration of ingredients. Pure CBD, Jojoba and argan oils usually demand a higher price, but near enough guarantee the results which you desire. Whereas cheaper oils which compensate these ingredients for scents such as lavender, mint or fruit flavours, will attract a customer due to its RRP and are less likely to show results.

Why CBD Oil

CBD beard oil is a powerhouse ingredient. It strengthens both your skin and beard and has been known to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles to encourage the growth of a healthy and fuller beard. This is because hemp based oil is packed with lipids and contains fatty acids which strengthen fragile hair and also make it appear thickener. Hemp is also an organic ingredient and may contain more antioxidants and nutrients for your hair which reduces the exposure to artificial chemicals usually found in cheaper products.

How to use beard oil

This may come as a silly subject but having a routine is just as important as the choice of oil. To receive the best results from your CBD oil you should use after every shower or face wash. You should use enough oil to cover your beard and gently rub, massage or brush until fully absorbed. The gentle massaging of applying beard oil can possibly cause stimulation in the hair follicles which encourages growth. This also works the oils into the skin which exfoliates it. Repeating this daily (or to a scheduled routine) will help you see results after a set period.

So does it work?

If you expect overnight success then you will be disappointed. Hair is a protein filament that needs to be cared for and looked after just like the rest of our body. If you choose the right CBD product, stick to a routine and be patient, your beard oil of choice should meet your expectations.  



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